About Oz Automation and Rehabilitation

Oz Automation and Rehabilitation Ltd., a member of the Oz Group, specializes in a range of activities in the field of pipeline infrastructures, such as:
No-dig water, sewer, and drainage pipeline rehabilitation
Television inspection of pipelines
Sewer, drainage, and water pipeline permeability tests.

The company operates according to international standards and its staff has a proven record and experience.

The Need…
Pipelines, of whatever kind, have a limited lifetime.
Ignoring the need to treat them may result in disaster.

The Solution…
When the work environment is difficult to dig up (carriageways, sidewalks, multiple infrastructures, obstruction and disruption to traffic, and endangerment of nearby buildings), pipe replacement by conventional methods has many disadvantages:
Long period of execution
Disruptions to the environment
Endangerment of infrastructures and existing buildings
High costs.

No-Dig (Trenchless) Pipe Rehabilitation
A quick, environment-friendly, high-quality process with a long lifespan and attractive prices.

A Range of Methods for Different Applications
Cured-in-place (reversible) pipe
Slip lining (insertion of a smaller-diameter pipe)
Swage lining (insertion and adhesion of a pipe to the pipe wall)
Pipe bursting (pipe shattering to enlarge the diameter)
Patch repair (specific-place repair)
Weko-Seal (repair of large-diameter joints)
Drainpipe rehabilitation
Swimming pool pipeline rehabilitation